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About Us

Bhargav Arms Company is a Part of AV Bhargav Group.The Company was started by Late Sh. Dogar Nath Bhargav in the year 1958.He Hailed from Pallandri(POK) to Jammu and  entered into Gun Manufacturing Business.Sh.Dogar Nath Bhargav has started his Journey as a Gun Smith and worked as an Apprentice Under Late Sh. Hem Raj Khajuria , Founder and Owner of   Khajuria Arms Company .Now, the third generation of Late Sh. Dogar Nath Bhargav has entered the family Business and with the support of Sh. Amar Nath Bhargav the family has diversified the Business from Arms Manufacturing to Arms Wholesale and Retail and Emerged as one of the leading Business Group in this Industry.

Initially Bhargav Arms Company was Manufacturing high class Single Barrel Shotguns and Side by Side Shotguns.With time the company started  Manufacturing superior quality Over and Under Shotguns.As of Now Bhargav Arms Company is the Only Company in India to manufacture High Quality Side Lock Shotguns.

After amendment in the Arms Rule 2016 Bhragav arms Company Launched Pump Action Shotguns with one of the first companies in India to Manufacture Pump Action Gun and with a unique Design and Mechanism. The company is currently focusing  the development of Semi Automatic Shotguns.

What we do?

At Bhargav arms Company we Manufacture Single Barrel Shotguns, Side by Side Shotguns, Sidelock Shotguns, Over and Under Shotguns and Pump Action Shotguns.We have trained and   Experienced Mechanical Engineers and Gunsmiths with good quality control who manufacture high class Guns under the Infrastructure.

At Bhragav Arms Company we use High Standard VMC  Machines, Turning Centres, CNC Routers, Gun drills, EDM, Honing Machines etc. to produce good quality  Shotguns with world class material.

Our Mission

To be a respected world class Firearms Manufacturing Company and the leader in Indian Firearm Industry in terms of quality, productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Achieving excellence that will enable the Indian Firearm Industry to produce good quality Firearms at Economical Prices to meet the growing needs of the People.Undertaking various research and Development  programmes to explore the new and innovative use for the Production of Firearms.

How we Manufacture Our Pump Action Guns?

1.Barrel : For Barrels we use Chromium Molybdenum Steel(EN-19/4140) with proper hardness to give our Customers a Barrel with Long lasting Life. The Barrel is Light Weight and among the Lightest in the Country and still gives a High Rigidity to withhold the impact of a heavy weight        Cartridge. Gun Drilling Machine is used to Drill the Inner Bore of the Barrel, CNC Turning Centers are used For OD Turning of the Barrel along with its Chamber and Rim. Honing Machines are Used for ID Polish of the Barrel to give a Symmetrical Bore for  a Good Pattern. In the End all the Barrels are Chrome Plated from Inside to give the Bore a long Life.

our manufacture machines

2.Reciever : For Pump Action Gun we use Aircraft Grade High Density Aluminium for a Long   Lasting Durability to the Gun. 7075 Grade Aluminium is used which is the World wide Standard for Manufacturing High Class Pump Action Recievers.

The Final Reciever is Made from a Block to a Fully Functional Working Reciever Requiring High Class Designing and Manufacturing Skills.

3.Parts : All the Parts used for Manufacturing Pump Action are made using Special Alloy Steel After giving proper heat treatment to all the parts, to give the parts a long life from wear and tear.

All the parts are Standardized and gives Full Interchangability to the Gun. In Case of Servicing and Repair just the Parts needs to be ordered and Replaced.

4.Stock: In Stock we use High Quality  “Kashmiri Wallnut Wood” which is naturally Seasoned to give the wood its grains and Durability . Sophisticated CNC Routers are used to Manufacture these Stocks. After That Hand Finishing and Polishing is done to give the Gun its Final Touch.

5.Finishing : We use the Traditional Hot Bluing method as well as Nickel Plating to give the Final Finishing to all the Metal Parts of your Pump Action. Also High Class Laser Engravers are Used for Marking and Engraving of the Gun.