Our Flagship Company

Infrastructure & Manufacturing Capabilities

The Bhargav Arms Company started its operation in the year 1958. The company started its production with just 300 shotguns per annum and mainly produces Single Barrel Lever Action Shotguns.

In the year 1984, the company started production of Side by Side Shotguns. Later in the year 1993, the company won the case from the supreme court of India and the production went from 300 to 2400 shotguns per year and permission to produce 335,000 Shotgun Ammunition per Annum.

In the year 2008, the company shifted its operations to Gangyal Jammu. The foundation has been settled on an open area of 4000 sqm and covered the area of our facilities is around 5000 sqm and with more than 80 experienced gunsmiths and machine operators working in the premises.

The company now produces around 2100 Side by Side Shotguns and 300 Single Barrel Shotguns Per annum and now have started manufacturing Over and Under Shotgun for Field.

In Bhargav Arms Co. we have the most experienced Gun Smiths and every Shotgun made in Bhargav Arms Co. is handmade and checked individually for giving the best customer experience.

With the change in technology and to adopt new methods for production Bhargav Arms Co. has installed Gun Drilling Machines, Honing Machines for Barrel Production.

The Company has also installed EDM, Surface Grinders, Laser Engravers and CNC milling and Turning is in the pipeline of installation for giving more accuracy and finish to the parts.

Our quality policy in  Bhargav Arms Company is to manufacture high-quality goods, deliver to the customer on due time, give after sales service and provide continuously high-level customer satisfaction.

Depending on above information our aim is to evolve in every single day, keep our company up to date with the new technology and methods of production and to keep customer satisfaction as a major priority and deliver the best Shot Gun in the Industry.

We are always committed to producing Shotguns and Sports guns conforming to the world standards.